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Ways to Volunteer

At Third World Awareness, we believe in the power of collective effort. Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds, each offering unique contributions, united by a shared intention - to serve and uplift others.

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Join Us In Haiti

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Other Ways To Get Involved

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Trip Volunteer

Volunteering on one of our trips is an unique and special experience. 

Third World Awareness has completed 29 trips in developing countries with the last twenty dedicated in Haiti. Our volunteers come come from all walks of life with the shared desire to make a difference.


We visit different centres where we offer our support, such as at the Mother Theresa's Malnutrition Clinic, hospices, and and work in communities where are projects are focused on.

Our annual trips usually take place in May for two weeks, with an option of one week for volunteers who are not able to be away as long. 

2024 Volunteer Trip

Due to the global pandemic the last couple of years and the gang war happening in Haiti, we have not taken volunteers down. We have been monitoring the situation, staying close communications with our contacts in Haiti and Bridget has continued her annual trips to manage our projects.

We are hoping to hold another volunteer trip in 2024. If you are interested, please sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date with our announcement! 

Passion Led Us Here

Join Our Team

We each have our superpowers (skills) to share. If you have time to volunteer your skills, click through and fill out our Volunteer form to see where we’re best aligned. If you have other ideas in how you can volunteer with TWA, we'd love to have a chat!

We are looking forward to opportunities with you!

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